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Spare Fan Units for Air Cooled DELTA modules

Spare Fan Units for Air Cooled DELTA modules The Air-Cooled DELTA modules were designed to work with two types of fan unit known as the Standard and the High Performance.  This article explains all you need to know about choosing the right spare fan unit. Standard Fan The...

AVID Controls

EMC and Bonding

EMC & Bonding in the Cubicle: Quick Guide We all know about requirements for ground/earth bonded connections for electrical safety.  However, bonding to ensure EMC noise immunity is also an essential requirement in a drive cubicle.  The topic can seem complex but here are some essential...

AVID Controls

Guidance on types of coolant for liquid DELTAs

Coolant The recommended coolant is a mixture of water, anti-freeze and corrosion inhibitors and should meet the performance specification of BS 6580 “Specification for corrosion inhibiting, engine coolant concentrate ("antifreeze")” or the equivalent national standard. The coolant must provide: Corrosion protection, scale inhibitors (against hard water); all...