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Quality Service Committed to the Customer

Avid Controls, Inc. is a certified woman-owned business that started in July 2005 to
meet the growing needs of an Aggressive, Versatile, Innovative and Driven
manufacturing company of high-powered electronics. Our team has a combined
experience of over 50 years in all aspects of the products we provide, starting with
conception all the way through production. In 2017, we signed an exclusive,
worldwide Technology License Agreement with GE Power Conversion to build the
MV3000 Product Line. Due to the dependability of our products, we have become the
lead supplier of electronic equipment world-wide.

Avid Controls’ purpose and strategic direction is to strive to provide the best value to
our customers by providing superior technology, quality and service.

Value = Technology x Quality x Service / Cost x Time

We will continue to develop, execute and maintain accredited and regulatory
compliant manufacturing operations for current and future products to meet quality,
delivery and cost objectives consistent with the goals and objectives of our customers
and employees. We will always remember that all employees are important in the
success of the company.

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AVID & MV3000

Avid Controls, Inc. manufactures the MV3000 range of components under GE Technology license which grants irrevocable, perpetual, exclusive, transferrable, unrestricted and world-wide license to use, develop, manufacture, remanufacture, recondition, repair or sell products.  This combines the tried and tested pedigree of an established product with the innovation and drive of Avid Controls. It also means that inventory is on the shelf, so you get it when you want it!

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