MV3000 Product Range

Delta Inverter Modules

Air Cooled 500A Delta

Liquid Cooled 800/1000A DELTA

MVD500-4501-A for 380-525 VAC systems

MVD500-4701-A for 600/690V systems

Connect up to 6 DELTA modules in parallel

Configure as AFE or DFE

800A or 1000A models

575-690 VAC operation

Ethylene Glycol/Water Cooling

Full range of options for water cooling connections

Connect up to 6 DELTA modules in parallel

Configure as AFE or DFE

>90,000 DELTAs installed world-wide


Easy Modular Concept

The MV3000 drive system provides an easy to use modular concept to create a variety of drive configurations from a single delta, Diode Front End (DFE) as shown to a multi-parallel delta Active Front End (AFE) solution

MV3000 in parallel

DELTA modules may be connected in parallel to increase power.  Up to 6 deltas can be connected.

Likewise, rectifiers may be connected in parallel and configured for 6 or 12 pulse operation.

Dynamic Braking

Dynamic Braking

In applications where the load regenerates power e.g. a hoist motor in lowering mode, then a Dynamic Brake unit is used to safely dissipate the unwanted energy by switching in a load resistor when the DC link voltage rises above a set level.

Rectifier Modules

Air Cooled 1600A Rectifier

Liquid Cooled 2100A Dual Rectifier


MVS3000 Drive data manager (keypad)

The Common Drive Controller (CDC) is the heart of the system and interfaces to the DELTA modules and Rectifiers via screened ribbon cables.  A 50 way ribbon cable connects the CDC to the I/O interface and connection to the Drive Data Manager is via a 9 way D type connector.

Many man years of programming has gone into the CDC to provide all the required features expected of a drive controller.

The CDC has built in CAN communications and has optional Dual Ethernet via a plug in module.

MVC3002 I/O Module
MVC3001 CDC Controller


The 500A DELTA modules are air cooled and for modules >800A liquid cooling is used.

Air Cooling provides a simple solution using a custom fan box which is fitted above each power module.  Two fan options are provided, standard and high performance which are used for systems towards the top end of their rating.

Liquid Cooling provides an almost silent operation and is essential for the high power systems operating in the megawatt range.  A closed circuit of water/glycol coolant is pumped through each power module and then to a heat exchanger where the heat can be transferred either to air or to another water cooling system.  The water circuit is completely isolated from the electrical system and the DELTA modules are provided with a self sealing hose connector that allows modules to be removed without draining down the entire system.

Cubicle Layout

DELTA modules are designed to fit into the standard Rittal TS8 cubicles range.

The DELTA module mounting kit is a framework of cross members and brackets, which when installed in an enclosure, provide support and fixing points for the modules.

The DELTA module mounting frames include four side supports and three cross members, complete with fixing screws.  Four frame widths are listed.  The frames are supplied in a kit form.  Lower guide plates are also included with the kits.

Full assembly information is available in the DELTA Technical Manuals for either air or liquid cooled products.