MV3000 & AVID Controls


As an Authorized Licensed Manufacturer of the GEPC/Converteam MV3000 Product Line,

Avid Controls is dedicated to providing world-class support to customers using MV3000 products for the lifespan of their equipment.

With an extensive installed base worldwide, MV3000 modules have demonstrated exceptional success in providing reliable ancillary energy in applications across the oil and gas, marine, wind, and industrial sectors.

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Avid Controls, Inc. manufactures the MV3000 range of components under GE Technology license which grants irrevocable, perpetual, exclusive, transferrable, unrestricted and world-wide license to use, develop, manufacture, remanufacture, recondition, repair or sell products.  This combines the tried and tested pedigree of an established product with the innovation and drive of Avid Controls. It also means that inventory is on the shelf, so you get it when you want it!

The MV3000 product line offers a range of features and configurations to meet the needs of diverse applications:

  • The modular “Delta” format allows easy maintenance and common spare parts
  • The AE3000 series expands the power range with Avid’s high-current-density Avid Extreme Inverter (AEI) modules
  • Avid-designed rectifier modules provide air-cooled and liquid-cooled options
  • Active Energy Management technology delivers near-sinusoidal supply current with minimal harmonics
  • Advanced protection and control features ensure reliable operation under harsh conditions


Avid Controls can supply all your MV3000 spare parts requirements, including fan assemblies, controllers, power supplies, and much more. Avid is proud of their stock holding, with most items available for immediate dispatch, saving you valuable downtime.


Discover how the MV3000 product line can transform your operational efficiency!


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