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Spare Fan Units for Air Cooled DELTA modules

Spare Fan Units for Air Cooled DELTA modules

The Air-Cooled DELTA modules were designed to work with two types of fan unit known as the Standard and the High Performance.  This article explains all you need to know about choosing the right spare fan unit.

Standard Fan

The Standard Fan (630 m3/hour /370 CFM), original part number 31V5200/10 can be replaced with the direct Avid equivalent – the 31V5100-10-A.

High Performance Fan

The original high-performance fan, model 31V6900/10 was a three phase 400V unit producing over twice the flow rate of the standard.  This unit became obsolete following EU ErP energy efficiency directives around 2011.  The replacement High-Performance fan was introduced as model MVC3014-4001 which had broadly the same air flow as the original.  The key difference for this fan was that was designed as a single-phase unit operating on a nominal 230V AC supply.  This unit is available from Avid Controls as MVC3014-4001-A and features a variable speed control option not present on the originals.  The application of a 0-10V control input provides speed control thus allowing both energy saving and noise reduction when the drive is on light load.

On a final note, Avid can also offer the original, three phase, High-Performance fan 31V6900-10-A for use outside the EU as a direct spare.

More Details

Avid has data sheets for all models of fan unit.


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