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Upgrading Obsolete GD2000/3000 DELTA Drives with new AVID product


The first air cooled DELTA based drives date back to 1993 with thousands of units in service world-wide sold by Cegelec, ALSTOM and Converteam.  They used the OMEGA controller and had the product family names of GD2000 & GD3000.  Both the DELTA modules and control system on these systems have been obsolete for many years.  However, most of these systems can be fully upgraded using new product from Avid Controls.

Why Upgrade?

Big drive systems (>500kW/670HP) are expensive and take a lot of installation effort.  By upgrading your old GD system, the costs can be reduced and down time minimized by retaining much of the original system.  The upgraded drive uses the same cubicle and so installation is easier.

How Does It Work?

Each old GD DELTA module is replaced by a modern MVD500 DELTA from Avid.  The obsolete Omega controller is replaced by the new MV3000 CDC as are the SMPS units and keypad.  You can retain the original rectifier modules and sharing reactors.  Avid can also offer new blower fan units.  What makes the upgrade successful is that the new DELTA modules occupy the same space as the old ones and work with the original rectifiers.  Furthermore, the software parameters written in the Omega controller have a close match to those in the new CDC controller.

Technical Specifics

Systems operating at the lower voltage ranges (380V-525V AC) require the MVD500-4501-A DELTA module and the systems operating at 600/690V require the MVD500-4701-A DELTA module.  You need to check out your blower fan type (standard or high performance) and Avid can advise on suitable replacements.

More Details

For more advice send your system details (ideally with photographs) to Avid who can advise on a suitable upgrade package.

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